The Golden Nugget Sisters are an inclusive order of queer drag nuns. We believe all people have the right to express their unique beauty and joy.

We are devoted to community service, ministry, and outreach to those on the fringe. We are dedicated to promoting human rights, respect for others, diversity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Meet the Sisters

Sister Cheyenne d’Muir

Cheyenne always enjoyed talking her clothes off even as a child. Still, she felt a pull towards something more. When she found the world of burlesque she thought she had found her calling — after all, isn’t getting paid for doing something we love the goal of the American Lifestyle? Yet somehow, there was still an emptiness inside her she didn’t understand until some white face ladies came to a show and were bringing as much joy and laughter as the performers did. She knew then and there that she had to know more. She chatted with these nuns and she knew that this was the call she had been hearing (but she confessed she was unsure about always having to wear clothes!). The Sisters assured her that this wasn’t the case and that she could continue to undress for charity and joy as much as she wanted. Cheyenne immediately joined and has been spreading love, happiness and glitter as well as losing her clothing ever since.

Sister Dottie Bair

Dottie was a long time fan of the Sisters for much of his teen and adult life, but he never really saw himself joining their ranks until 2016 when the presidential election made very clear that things had taken a very serious turn in our country. As a big, burly bear in real life, Dottie doesn’t get clocked a lot and to be honest… he’d grown very comfortable in that safety. He was convinced “better days” were ahead for all. Trump’s election was a wake up call to get more skin in the game. Because until we are ALL safe, none of us are. So, he joined up… because of his love for this organization and the fact that there’s no point tottering around in drag and heels that Dottie is not painfully aware of where he is. It grounds him and reminds him of how much work we still have to do to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. No matter WHO they are or WHERE they are.

Sister Bae’l

Novice Irma Fergin-Gerd

Novice Prometheus

Meet the Guards

Marshall Jako

Found alone and abandoned in the pumpkin patch just outside the convent graveyard, Jako was taken in and raised by the bawdy sisters. Fortuitous for the youth, he found a calling in tending to the Sisters melons, making sure they were plump and firm, so as to make the best impression on their flock.

Marshall Otto DeClosette

One Easter Sunday the Golden Nugget Sisters were visiting the motherland and were getting ready for a glorious walk through the streets of Castro. They put on their bright beautiful faces and went to grab their clam-nettes from the closet and much to their surprise they saw a timid young orphan. Sister CasKara reached out her hand and pulled the young boy out and asked him his name. “My name is Otto but that’s all I know. I have no family. I have no friends. I just want to love and be loved”. The sisters discussed and it was without a doubt that Little Orphan Otto belonged with them, they grabbed a vest from that closet and placed it on his chest. It was from that day on that he was known as Guard Otto DeClosette and spent the rest of his days being loved and loving the Alphabet Mafia of the world with the Golden Nugget Sisters!

Marshall Fleur de Lay

The species Fleur de Lay is in the genus Normadic Fleurifica, which is a genus known for it’s transitory and resilient nature. The species was originally found in the hot, sultry south, mostly in Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee. After Fleur was first discovered, it was cultivated in a very strict and controlled manner. Mostly used in patio plantings and small gardens. However, once it became established, Fleur began to run as wild as Kudzu! It took an intense abatement and management program to get the species under control. After that, Fleur de Lay became scarce around that part of the country, but began to thrive in California and Colorado. Scientists still have a hard time explaining exactly why, but many think it was due to a better growing environment. These days, the species is found permanently in the Denver Metro area helping spread seeds of love and joy with the Golden Nugget Sisters.

Squire Guard Goliath

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