Exequatur – Schedule

After the attack at Club Q, many bars, including XBar, have instituted bag size limits. We suggest a cute fanny pack as a good means of carrying your things, but anything that size should be fine

October 52023
Pre-Game PartyHey early birds! Gather as your secular selves along with your local Sisters as we get a tasty bite to eat and then perhaps a drink or two, get to know each other and spend a little time OUT of face before the weekend kicks off!
7 – ??? PMMaggiano’s
Pavilions Mall
500 16th St
October 6
Group ManifestationThe manifestation room will be opened for you to set up you spot for the weekend and then paint for the cocktail party at X-Bar. (Note: Our host hotel is more than a little scared of Sisters glitter bombing the guest rooms so have asked that we use the Cimarron room, which will be prepared for us to paint and work from, as a manifestation spot for the weekend)
4:30 – 6:30 PMCimarron Room
5th floor (hotel)
Cocktail party
Let’s kick the night off right with a cocktail party at -bar to welcome everyone into town, start to get to know each other, and with a blessing over the weekend presented by your Golden Nugget Sisters. We’re challenging our Sisters to manifest under the theme “Gold Rush” and will have prizes for the best dressed. There will be a blessing for the weekend and a glitter ceremony, so bring your house glitter!
* see the note above about bag size limits
7 – 9 PMXbar
629 E Colfax Ave
Bar CrawlWe intend to dazzle and delight the city of Denver with a gaggle of nuns descending on the popular queer establishments around town… spreading that joy and cheer that only the Sisters can.
9 PM – ???Various
October 7
Group ManifestationWe will be meeting in the Cimarron room on the 5th floor of the host hotel where coffee and donuts can help us get the day started as we manifest together for the big event.
9 – 11:30 AMCimarron room
5th floor (hotel)
Arrival/Group PhotoWe’re setting the gather time a little early to try and get a big group photo in front of the trans dragon hanging out in front of Meow Wolf Denver!
12:30pmMeow Wolf Denver
1338 1st St
Veiling Ceremony in
The Perplexiplex at Meow Wolf Denver
The moment the Colorado house has been waiting for since the pandemic has finally arrived: Their vows and presentation of the black veils on the stage of The Perplexiplex. This event will be open to any of the public attending Meow Wolf Denver that day as well. (Important Note: A valid ticket to Meow Wolf Denver is required for entry. Registrants for our Exequatur will receive a code for a discount on that ticket. If you have not received yours, please reach out and we’ll assist)
1 – 1:45 pmMeow Wolf Denver
1338 1st St
Explore Meow Wolf DenverThe ritual is done; it’s time to explore Convergence Station, a wondrous junction of multiple worlds. Enjoy a truly amazing one-of-a-kind Denver experience firsthand. Your local Sisters do encourage you to stop and purchase a QPASS from the QDOT Info Desk before entering. It unlocks a very large part of the interactive story of Convergence Station. However, this is an optional add on to the experience and not required.
2:00pm – ???Meow Wolf Denver
1338 1st St
Group DinnerThe Golden Nugget Sisters will set a reservation somewhere for those that wish to dine as a group. But if you wish to split off into groups to explore other locations you may have heard about, that is fine as well!
5-6:30 PM Location TBA
Sinners and Saints showThe Golden Nugget Sisters will be putting on a fundraiser/show at Denver Sweet, our local bear bar. After all, fundraising is part of what we Sisters do and we would remiss to not use this event to do our good works while we have so many vibrant and amazing personalities here. If you are interested in performing yourself? Please reach out to Sister CasKara or Sister Dottie Bair!
7 – 10 PMDenver Sweet
776 Lincoln St
Release the Nuns!It’s been a busy two days with a lot to do and see. We’re officially releasing you on the city of Denver to see the nightlife here. No formal schedule, but your local Sisters will almost certainly be going to their favorite locations to relax, unwind, dance, or celebrate and would be delighted to bring you along.
10 – ??? PM Denver Sweet
776 Lincoln St
October 7
BrunchOur final event. For those that did not hop on a plane early Sunday morning, we will be gathering in our secular faces to enjoy a lovely little brunch at Bad Habits. Talk, laugh, and relish the new bonds we’ve all forged before we go back to our homes.
11 AM – 1 PMBad Habits
3014 E Colfax Ave