Our Cornette

Our cornette is the Colorado Clam. The Abbey of the Rocky Mountain Cloisters needed a cornette that represented who we are: far more than we appear on the outside. Now, our clams are special, as they are also Rocky Mountain Oysters and have a golden nugget of wisdom inside with all that clammy goodness. Every Sister must built her own Clam to reflect their own Artistry, Uniqueness, and Mission. It’s their AUM Clam.


These fabulous collars represent our purity of intention and they help focus the light on our glorious visages. Each Sister may adorn her collar with various pins and brooches to symbolize their particular calling; from time to time all Sisters will wear the same emblems for a given cause or event.

Formal Habit

Our formal regalia consists of our best Colorado Clam, our Collar, a scapular, and a golden brocade habit, shining our light and joy with exuberant indulgence out into the universe.