Since our first appearance at Trade’s Dia de la Muertos event in 2019, the Golden Nugget Sisters have been a growing presence around the Front Range of Colorado, ranging from Colorado Springs all the way north to Loveland and Fort Collins. Sometimes we appear to just generally spread universal joy and provide opportunities for ministry, other times we go where we’re needed.

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Partner Groups

We often manifest in partnership with other groups, most notably the Parasol Patrol, the Denver Cycle Sluts, and Voodoo Leatherworks. We constantly look for other groups with whom to work to serve our communities.

Parasol Patrol

Sister CasKara leads our interactions with this amazing group.

Touch me to find out more about them. To date, we have helped out at over a dozen events, starting with the All-Ages Drag Show at Mile High Comics in 2019 all the way through to another All-Ages Drag Show at the DCPA.

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Denver Cycle Sluts

The Denver Cycle Sluts are Colorado’s longest-lasting camp-drag comedy performing ensemble. Since their glittery beginning in 1979, The Denver Cycle Sluts have always held one goal in mind – to raise money for charitable causes and to have as much fun as possible while accomplishing this mission. They are our sisters in spirit and their causes overlap our own.

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Voodoo Leatherworks

 Voodoo Leatherworks is a veteran-owned, for-profit community center, art gallery, art studio and private membership club for adults who live alternative lifestyles.  These lifestyles include LGBTQAI+, polyamorous groups, swingers, fetishists and others who have experienced various levels of discrimination for their interests and identities and are looking for a safe place to build community and interact together is a warm, welcoming environment.

The Golden Nugget Sisters believe that supporting this for-profit space is consistent with our mission of spreading universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt because it provides a vital service for many who have been ostracized from society for who they are and how they choose to express themselves.

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