The Golden Nugget Sisters formed in the wake of the Great Western Stock Show’s Gayest Rodeo Ever when Rocky Mountain Oysters were full of promise and all the bulls and cows had shown their best tricks. The cowboys were riding bareback and the bulls were frisky after their colorful parade down 17th. This confluence of Western Joy and Indulgence sent out into the universe a powerful cry of need and desire, but who would answer it?

A ragtag, fabulous group of humans felt the calling as if it were a message sent from the Earth Herself: come and spread joy, education, empathy, indulgence, and love. After a few hesitant steps towards becoming, the Abbey was founded and Colorado again cried out.

With joy, sillies.

Since the end of 2019, the Sisters have been answering that call with hijinks, hard work, frippery, and love. We are growing into something even more fabulous than we already are… just watch. Thou hast seen nothing yet!